We're interested in what you do and how you do things, not when and where you do them

Smart Working is how we're all working at Simplyhealth. Smart working is all about flexibility, giving you the best of all worlds – working from home, the office or on the move. This means depending on your role, there will be opportunities to flex when and where you spend your time to get your job done and perform at your very best for our customers. For many of us this means day to day activities can be undertaken remotely, but there will also be times when we need to come together in the office to collaborate, attend training sessions, induction, briefings and more.

We’re calling it Smart Working. But it’s also known as Agile Working, Modern & Flexible Working, Worksmart, Workwise, Hybrid Working, Dynamic Working, Working Anytime Anywhere Working and a host of other names! Essentially they all mean pretty much the same thing and are helping organisations to transform the way they work for the better!

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