Helping our customers live their best lives, while you live yours

To work in one of our Customer Service teams you just need to be generally awesome. From dealing with customer queries to supporting our sales teams through to resource planning, our service centre are here to make it effortless for our customers. We want to give confidence to customers through our expertise, show them we’re approachable, supportive and considerate of their circumstances. We tailor to individual customer requirements to ultimately deliver above and beyond their expectations, aka just another day’s work.

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I have worked across several departments within the company and each team I worked with I have been extremely welcomed and supported. I consider my colleagues close to me and want to go the extra mile to help them.
I have an amazing supportive team and they are the reason I look forward to coming to work every day.
I have a fantastic manager and I feel like a valued employee, she has an open door policy, fantastic communication!
I believe in the direction Simplyhealth are heading and am excited to be a part of this.
I believe the company is going in the right direction and I am happy to be able to be part of this change leading the business towards an even greater future.

Claims & Contact

Claims & Contact speak to customers through any channel from telephone to web chat so you have to love listening and talking – in that order. These teams have regular targets to hit so if your friend is always the second most competitive person you know, this could be for you! You’ll get first class training from day one so no prior experience needed just a genuine desire to help our customers live their best lives, while you live yours.

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Resource Planning

The resource planning team provide long-range strategic resource planning and analysis to our Service teams, as well as providing crisis management/trouble shooting and intermediate planning. They’re really good with numbers and turning them into insights and analytics that become actionable plans. They’re basically the biscuit base to Customer Service’s cheesecake.

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Service Assurance

Service Assurance respond to customer concerns and queries, playing a big part in achieving our Customer Satisfaction (CSat) scores and monitoring our Trustpilot reviews. This team hold the relationship with the Financial Ombudsman for advice on complex and sensitive queries. They also provide assurance that we’re treating customers fairly, that processes are being adhered to and that, wherever possible, we’re providing ‘first touch’ resolution. You’ll monitor and feedback results weekly with the aim to sustain fair customer outcomes and best practice. Typically these roles will suit someone who has experience having difficult conversations with customers in either handling complaints, dealing with difficult cases (for e.g. insolvency) or even chasing debt as part of a credit control team.

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Service Operations

You’ll ensure our clients and customers are happy by providing an accurate, quick and efficient service. You'll answer queries via phone and email and use your powers of deduction looking into financial and policy queries.

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All Departments
Legal - General Counsel
Advertising Salary:
£57,000 - £65,000
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06 Dec 2023

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